Look Thinner Without Losing Weight

Look Thinner

Want to appear slimmer but don't have time to lose weight? Follow these simple dress to look thinner fashion tips and look slimmer instantly!

1.) Make dark colors such as blue, brown, green, or black a part of your outfit. Bright colors have people focus on your clothing and body.

2.) Avoid stripes that run horizontally (side to side). This makes your body appear wider than it actually is. Pick stripes that run vertically (up and down) if you're a stripes fan.

3.) Pick longer clothes. Longer clothing focuses people's attention on your height. The longer the shirt, the taller you'll look. Make sure that you don't tuck your shirt in. The longer the pants, the more people will focus on your height.

4.) Wear long pants and choose ones that aren't pleated. Length helps you look thinner and pants with creases give the illusion that your waist is bigger than it really is.

5.) Wear clothes that fit. Clothing should be comfortable. It shouldn't be so tight that it uncomfortable hugs your body. On the other hand, overly baggy / shapeless clothing that conceals your body shape makes you look bigger and heavier than you really are.

6.) Use accessories to help. Put on a body slimmer Wear a necklace long enough to attract the attention away from your chin. Use a scarf to conceal your chin. Know your belts.

Big belts help you look thinner, but they are more apt to draw attention to the stomach if the wrong buckle is selected. Opt for a medium sized buckle.

7.) Wear shoes that make you look taller. The more height you have, the thinner you appear.

8.) Stand up straight and be confident. Slouching should be avoided by all means.

9.) Make sure your clothes don't end at the biggest part of your body. Have your clothes cover or end before the fattest part of body because you don't want to draw attention to your trouble spots.